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For me, it's always an adventure to go to tradeshows and workshops! Not only is it nice to meet fellow photographers but here in New York, you can learn from the world's best. I have two memberships with two top professionals. But to meet my heroes life is the best. Our local camera stores often offer good workshops too. I can not say you how much I love this event from Adorama and B&H they both have one big event going over two days each year. They set up a shooting era with models where you can book your spot. There is the best light equipment from different companies set up for you. You get a short time frame with each model and can have fun. Sometimes they give you the camera setting, for inexperienced photographers. in the beginning, it was a big help. Today I have my own ideas and tell the model what I have in mind.


Sadly with covid, these events did not happen in 2020 and 2021. Let's hope in 2022 it will all get a bit better after in this City so many people are vaccinated. it was possible for me to attend 4 workshops already this year.

Two inside and two outside. My highlight was the one with the dancers but then came the Halloween one.


Thank you, Adorama, Seth Miranda and your whole team.

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