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Your investment consists of two different parts:

The session fee is $350.

It is payable when booking the session with us and only after signing the agreement and paying the fee do we reserve the date for your session. The fee does not include prints or digital files but covers the photographer's time, talent, education, and the wear and tear of the equipment. Sadly we have to invest every 2-3 years in a new professional camera and laptop. Look up the prices and you understand why a professional photographer has to charge what he charges. And all that is required to run a successful photographer's business online gallery and software and a lot of business costs. This assures you we will come prepared for your session. You get an individual session. We listen to your special needs and wishes. Our goal is a happy client that can't wait to work with us again and cherish the finished product and enjoy it. We want you to be so happy that you tell all your friends about your experience with us. Only then we did a good job.


These are Wall Art, Framed Prints, Canvas or Acrylic handmade by an Italian craftsman.

You will build your own collection of your favorite images from your session and present them in one of our images boxes.

Our Reveal Box is filled, with 6, 12, 20 or 30 images and while protecting your photos you will always showcase one, you can switch every once in a while. Every photo you choose comes with digital files, sized for social media and optimized for printing. You even get access to a password-protected online gallery where you can show your photos to friends and family and you can order a gift print from there also.


You choose what fits best your style, taste, and need and customizations are always possible. 


Most of our clients do invest anywhere from $800 to $5500 for their products.

However, everyone's needs are different - some spend a little more and others spend less. But be prepared, the chances you love your photos are high and you want to invest in your photos. So better save a bit of money first before you book your session with us, so you will not be disappointed when in the end you can not take everything you love home with you, We want you to leave on your viewing day happy! But we have to pay your bills also. We live also in New York City.


We don't offer our clients digital print alone anymore! With being in business for over 6 years now, we learned we are not serving you right if we do so! Former clients told us when we asked what they did with their photos, the USB is still sitting in the drawer and nothing has happened with the files. We understand that everybody wants to show their photos on social media and want them on their phone.

Today we offer our smallest packages as a combination of print 5x7 and digital in social media size on a custom USB stick. In a beautiful box with a window. Then you can put it on a shelf and present your photos like they were in a frame, you can even switch them every day if you like.

Then you can frame a few prints, gift one to a special person, or make a simple album, but at least you have something in your hand. And I know the print is of good quality and not what all the labs are doing with their autocorrect from my hour-long editing. Only as a reminder, this package include of course the password-protected online gallery that you can share with friends and family where they can order their own prints.


Every image printed bigger than 16x20 in wall art or 8x10 in a product comes with 2 different sized digital files. One for your phone and one for your computer and printing. But now you see and enjoy your images every day, on the wall and the sideboard, you can still post them on Instagram and Facebook.

Please contact us for a pre-consultation and we will work you through all the different options you have to choose from. Together we will find the best COLLECTION for your family - guaranteed.

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