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Portraits on Location

What to expect

  • A pre-session consultation

  • Up to 3 hours of photography on location

  • coverage of one family, $ 25 per additional person

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • approx 40 professionally enhanced images* presented at your custom in-person order session.

  • an online gallery of all purchased images

  • choose from our extraordinary products like wall art, albums and more


This offer includes no digital images,

they have to be purchased separately!

Clients that book this session, spend another $800-$5500 for Wall Art or other of our high-end products.

*Out of all pictures taken during a session we select only the best ones and edit them for you. Here is where our experience and expertise really come into play. For this kind of session, we highly recommend working with a hair and makeup artist. If you don't have your own we can make a few suggestions.

What happens during a Portrait Session on Location?

If you choose this kind of session Irina will plan with you the session much ahead of time. All our sessions are of a special kind - That means we are intensely planning it upfront with you about the location, clothing, yourself, the timing and the reason for this photo session. What do you hope we will capture in your photos?

Is there a special bond between you and the person you want to be photographed with? Do you want a special landmark as a background in your photo, this often gives the timeframe of your session. Does a place has a special meaning for you or your family? How do you want to present the final images? In an in-person meeting or video chat, Irina will show you all possible options.


Irina will also discuss with you what clothing works best, you should still be yourself and not wearing a costume.

But clothing is so important, to show who you are. But see it more like a frame around your beautiful face, we photograph you as a person and you should shine, it's not a fashion shot. How you want your grandkids to see you when they find your photo in 50 years and these photos are their biggest treasure? Families should look like is a unit, and on the other hand, the clothing can distract from the impression of a face, so it’s worth to spend some time to think about it. We have clients, who go shopping only for the photo session.


You should always have in mind what the purpose of this photo session shall be.


A few weeks after your photo session, Irina will make the viewing and ordering appointment with you. That is the exciting moment you will see the first time what she created especially for you! Only for this purpose, she creates a video with all the photos you can later choose from. (This slideshow is not included in any package, it is solely for the first impression). 

The first viewing and ordering appointment is included in your session fee. If you cannot attend in person or you are not living in New York City, we can schedule a video call with screen sharing also. Please let all of you join who will be able to make a decision about which photos to choose as special ones and which products to order.


Please note that further viewing and ordering appointments need preparation and time and will impose additional fees as outlined in the photography contract. If you really cannot decide during these appointments which photos to choose, we do offer to upload a time-limited online gallery with all the photos you were presented during the appointment. Please understand that this implies a charge as outlined in the photography contract. Both the mentioned additional fees are nonrefundable but will be credited against product orders.


Please feel free to contact us with any question you have. Please book your photo session timely in advance - we are eager to start planning and have great conversations! Let's produce some stunning memories for your home, your family and generations to come!

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