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Irina is a German-born New York City-based photographer
who specializes in portraits photography.

She loves to capture those spontaneous but fleeting moments
we all wish we could hold on to forever:

a small boy’s mischievous grin;

the pure, sweet innocence of a baby;

a young girl’s shy glance;

and the loving hugs that bind families together.


A pharmacy assistant turned photographer, Irina has always had a strong creative side.

From an early age, she exhibited a natural talent for art, crafting, and photography.

Irina inherited her love of cameras from her father, an amateur photographer, and a nature lover.

One of her fondest childhood memories is traveling to the Alps with her parents

at the age of 5 and watching her dad get down on his hands

and knees to take pictures of a beautiful butterfly for her! 


Some years ago, Irina’s husband’s was offered a new job in New York
and Irina immediately fell in the love with the city -
the diversity of people, the mixture of old architecture and new, 
and the sun rising over the East River and casting shadows
on the skyscrapers before the city has awakened.
Starting over in a brand-new country, Irina took the opportunity
to make her creative dreams come true and began taking pictures
of the city, she now calls home and the wonderful people who live and work there.


Irina knows that photography is both an art and a craft. It’s about telling stories and preserving precious memories. 
A good photographer possesses the heart of an artist, the technical and practical skills of a scientist,
along with the mindset of a beloved teacher who knows how to bring out the best in others. 
Irina loves her work -
and it shows. She comes prepared to each session and likes to get to know a little about her clients beforehand.
This helps her to personalize each photoshoot and bring out the uniqueness of each individual she photographs.






A friendly, down-to-earth person, Irina makes sure that everyone feels relaxed
and confident on the day of the shoot. Working with Irina is a low-key, fun, and surprisingly stress-free experience.
Time passes so quickly!

Let Irina capture your family’s story in beautiful photographs that can be cherished for years to come.


These are a few of Irina's favorites:
Her husband

Irina met Volker in Germany in 1998 while both of them were still busy in University. 2003 they got married and moved away from their families and home towns. In 2011 his job brought the sweethearts to New York City. He is supporting her with her business as assistant, accountant, IT specialist and as her personal cheerleader!

Teddy Bears

Irina has still her first Teddy Bear she got at her first Christmas. Every year her mother is sending her a new tiny collectable one from the local holiday market in Germany. These originated from the mayor of San Francisco many years ago and are contributing to the German AIDS/HIV support groups.


Irina gets these cuddly two cats since 2013 a few times a year, when her friend is on vacation or getting visitors with cat allergies. At first they stayed with her for six months and they found very fast a way in Irinas heart. They also live in Manhattan.

These two are the best models ever to train her skills in pet photography.

Cherry Blossom

Irina loves the Nature and her favorite seasons are spring and fall because of all the fantastic colors! 

During Spring her favorites are the cherry trees and during the fall the sunny yellow leaves of the Gingko trees here on Roosevelt Island. 

These are great background for photo sessions !

New York

When Irina moved to NYC in 2011 she had no idea why so many people found this city to be so great. Today she calls the city her home. She still loves to discover new areas.

With her open mind she loves to meet people from all different origins and to learn from them about their culture.

If you ask her, she will tell you her city is blue - with all the reflection of the sky in the water and the skyscrapers. 


Chocolate is Irina's weakness, if she enjoys the cooling of a chocolate fudge brownie ice cream on a hot summer day or a hot chocolate on a cold snowy winter day .

Already the smell of chocolate brings a big smile on her face and than the time stands still and it's time to enjoy.


Irina loves to do artistic work with colorful paper, cloth or other fabrics in techniques beyond photography. Two of her favorite artists are so much apart as Claude Monet and Joan Miro. 

Sunrises & Sunsets

Irina loves dramatic lights in the sky.

She is always fascinated by the skylines mirroring the early morning sun. Glimpsing it from her bedroom it might happen that she is out with her equipment while Roosevelt Island is still sleeping, but the City does not.

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