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Love Letters
Gilda Hannah

Thank you for the excellent photo you took of the three of us for the WIRE story about the feminists.

I got so many compliments about how great I looked - so happy!! 

And you told us how to get there. I was a graphic designer by profession,

Irina, and designed many art & photography books in my forty+ years.

I was an (amateur) street photographer for a couple of years before my book design life, and so  I know the field pretty well.


 I think I know a good photographer when I see her!!!


You know your stuff - so best of luck to you on your photo career on the island.


Best, Gilda 

2018-08-31-Studio Headshot Kimbirdlee-12
singer, actor, mother

Irina is in a league of her own as a photographer. She is committed to every moment and always full of new and exciting ideas. Life is full of color and beauty that sometimes passes us by and Irina captures our moments and makes them more stunningly beautiful than you could ever imagine. Whether it’s Headshots, family portraits, live performances, special events, fashion… Irina is definitely the photographer to hire. She can do it all! I promise you will be smiling when you see the results – I know from many positive personal experiences!


Irina's images are magical. Her keen eye, sense of composition, and ability to capture a moment make her uniquely valuable for photographing theatre. She did beautiful work for Magis Theatre's Alcestiad. I am so grateful that we have so many beautiful records of this show. I would recommend her highly to anyone.

George Drance,
Artistic Director
of Magis Theatre Company
Micheal A.Green
Actor, Singer

Being in showbiz all my life I know how important it is to have great pictures... I worked with many photographers in Europe and in the USA but you rarely find such an exquisite photographer as Irina. She always takes amazing headshots, fashion photographies, family photos.. Working with her is always fun, joyful, professional and she really knows how to guide her model. The only problem I have is to pick just few photos- because they are all outstanding. Irina is without any doubts one of the best photographers in NYC..she's got the "eye" and the technique more stunningly beautiful than you could ever imagine. Whether it’s Headshots, family portraits, live performances, special events, fashion… Irina is definitely the photographer to hire. She can do it all! I promise you will be smiling when you see the results – I know from many positive personal experiences!

We love it when Irina takes pictures of our family!

The kids love to go pose and smile.

She makes it easy and comfortable for them; snapping at the right moment without them even realizing she just caught the most amazing expression!! Can't wait for the next time!

Nechama Duchman

Irina did professional / business photography for me on several occasions. She is very thorough, her boutique approach really provides the time needed to produce high-end results.

Much recommended!

Mike Helbig
Shirin Itkin

I would like to recommend Irina - "the" photographer of the island - who every time re-surprises me with her unique photos! She is a photographer who knew how to capture the right moment and perpetuate it in her magical pictures.

She is calm and pleasant when she is behind the camera, which makes me feel comfortable. It is important for me to emphasize that with Irina I did not feel the pressure that usually accompanies the camera, I felt she understood me!


More than that: she understood my children and made them feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera and thus get the most beautiful pictures there is. It is important for me to commemorate the children's small moments, their smiles and the look in their eyes and it is also important for me to take care of family photos that perpetuate magical moments.

Irina has done a wide range of photography at St. George's Church including concerts, church services, cultural events, family programs and more.  For events, she does an excellent job of telling a story through her photos, capturing all the important moments and features of the event.

She has a great eye for photographing people, both in candid and posed shots.  Many people don't realize the work involved in editing and selecting photos following a photo shoot, but Irina is very diligent and efficient in this process.  I highly recommend Irina Island Images for the reasons listed above.

2018-04-26-Headshotsession Karen-422-Edi
Karen Mann
Actor, Pilates Teacher

Initially, I worked with Irina for headshots I needed.  Then, as I am a Pilates Instructor we worked together and created my website.

It is special.

She and her husband-assistant-tech guru-Volker, are a dynamic team.

She listened to what I wanted and made it better than I ever imagined.

She is creative, overcomes limitations, makes interesting pictorial decisions and is 100%  committed.

Furthermore, she is a joy to work with.  

2018-08-20-StudioHeadshot- Kristi-174-Ed

Irina is so talented and easy to work with.

I love my photos!

She has a great eye for detail and obviously loves what she does.

2018-08-24-StudioHeadshot- Devi-119-Edit

Irina has the rare talent of quickly understanding the subject’s beauty of character and spirit, and so is able to transform a still life into a visual story.  Her photos of children capture the purity and vulnerability of childhood and her carefully composed photos of landscapes become a documentary, a road you want to travel. Her latest photos, those of the Indian dancers at the MSTDA theater, discover the vivid colors and the vibrant joy of dance, all caught in a second.

We all know Irina is a skilled photographer who really loves kids.

She often shows us a magic of lighting which can highlight facial expression. I believe that her passion and character can lead them more expressive. When you and your family stand in front of her camera,

you will grab the meaning of my words.

You can also realize her artistic photos are so-called

"Meister-works" of Germany,

so that her session has no time-limit and she works hard on photo-editing as well. I am just looking forward to our next photo session!

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