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When was the last time you had a beautiful portrait of yourself?

A picture says a thousand words. Shouldn’t yours say something? We will work with you and help you highlight your excellent resume, your special brand, or just make you shine for a special occasion with professional headshots!


Looking for a new Linkedin photo? Facebook? Personal branding for your website? Or are you looking for the love of your life? These photos can also be used for dating sites! Headshots, the photos you use for profiles, websites, article bios, book jackets, speaking engagements and more, are a powerful branding opportunity. 


You only have seconds to make the right impression! What is it about yourself that you want to portray? Power? Confidence? Kindness? Approachability? Each session will start with a personalized consultation where we will discuss the message you want your headshot to tell.


Don’t think you’re photogenic? We've heard that before - everyone can be photogenic; it's our job to pose you in a flattering way. We see something attractive in everyone and I can use the camera to reveal it. 


I am a contemporary and business portrait photographer, and I offer headshots and personal branding photos. I also take photos that can be used for dating sites. So if you want to look professional, confident, approachable and want people to see who you really are, I invite you to give me a call and work with me for a while to get you all set!​

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