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The Viewing and Ordering Appointment

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What to expect

The ordering appointment is the most exciting and emotional time of your entire portrait experience with us.

It’s when you get to see your images for the first time!

This in-person appointment is where we use our state-of-the-art software to

project your images onto our movie screen. It allows us to show you the actual sizes of your portraits

and helps us present the opportunities for displaying your images in our product line.

We want you to know exactly what your images will look like in your home, in our products, and in your life, thereby giving you confidence that the purchasing decisions you are making with us are good ones.

Your portraits will last a lifetime or more, and knowing they are displayed with creative design and artistic consideration will inspire you every time you look at them.

How it works

We’ll start off your appointment with a personal, custom slideshow of your images — arguably the best part for our clients!

Once you’ve reviewed your images, we will look at the ways to display your professional portraits.

Whether it be a custom album, a wall series or a reveal box going over the options will help you solidify the plan you have made for your images.

With Irina's help, you’ll decide on an art piece that we will be creating for you. 

Your in-person ordering appointment is your time.

Use our creative expertise to your advantage and make something that lasts for your family.


Benefits for you

• Creative input from the artist

• A more touching experience

• Ease of image selection

• Timely image selection

• Efficiency and comfort

• Exemplary customer service

• Fine art design and display

• Product idea development

• Confidence in purchase

• A plan for your images

• No overwhelming choices

• No distractions

• No confusion or indecision​


Jewel Box

The first viewing and ordering appointment is included in your session fee. If you cannot attend in person or you are not living in New York City, we can schedule a video call with screen sharing also. Please let all of you join who will be able to make a decision about which photos to choose as special ones and which products to order.


Please note that further viewing and ordering appointments need preparation and time and will impose additional fees as outlined in the photography contract. If you really cannot decide during these appointments which photos to choose, we do offer to upload a time-limited online gallery with all the photos you were presented during the appointment. Please understand that this implies a charge as outlined in the photography contract. Both the mentioned additional fees are nonrefundable but will be credited against product orders.


Please feel free to contact us with any question you have. Please book your photo session timely in advance — we are eager to start planning and have great conversations! Let's produce some stunning memories for your home, your family and generations to come!

Delivery and Installation

About 3-4 weeks later, your art piece will be ready for pick up.

We’ll call or email you to let you know it’s here and make arrangements for you to take the final result home.

And if you need help with installation, we will gladly provide someone who can help.

And once those portraits are hanging, you can sit back and enjoy them EVERY DAY.

For these are your precious children -

the ones who are growing too fast and who you will cherish forever!

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