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Why should I hire a professional photographer? 

Irina is all about creating a perfect togetherness in your pictures to preserve a special memory or just a precious candid photo of your life. She will use all her expertise and artistic talent so that you'll have an impression you can keep for many years to come. Irina is always on the move to perfect the lighting, posing, timing, exposure. She steadily improves her equipment, keeps all raw digital negatives on external long-term backup storage and continues to invest in her education with workshops and training. 

What is a session fee?

The session fee is payable at the time when you are booking your photo session. It guarantees your time slot and covers the time and talent of Irina and her assistant(s) and all that is required to run a successful photo business. This allows us to be best prepared for your photo session. The session fee does not include prints, other products or digital files.

Can I get a discount?

Throughout the year Irina offers a series of specials, e.g. seasonal mini sessions. 
And it would not be fair if every client gets a different price


Do I get all the digital files from my session?

Irina always takes a lot of photos during the session and will only present the most perfect ones to you according to your chosen package or customization - the ones that best show the character of you or your family and flatter you most. 
There will be still many photos for you to choose from telling the story of your special day. Believe us, we would not serve you right if we delivered every single photo we took of your session. It would be just overwhelming and you would probably not enjoy viewing all of them.


Can I buy digital files?

The short answer is no. We learned over the years in business we are no serving our clients if we sell digital files. Years later the USB stick is still in the drawer and no photos are printed - or worse, files are corrupted or unreadable. Our clients do get with every image that is created for wall art or in one of our extraordinary albums the digital file optimized for sharing on social media. And you will get access to an online gallery with these files linked to a professional photo lab;  so if you choose e.g. a gift print, you will get a guaranteed quality. 

Can I get the raw digital negatives?

No, you really don't want to have these. You would not go to a top steakhouse, ask the chef for the raw prime beef and spend hours in the kitchen to get black chewing gum. You want the suspense, the experience of the viewing appointment, possible customization, and a specific look without any hassle with kinds of Adobe software subscriptions. (Photoshop, Lightroom, and more) We will take care of everything.


When do I get to see the images?

Irina will present the images in a special setting with a slideshow set to music during your viewing and ordering appointment around three weeks after your session (except for passport photos). This is one of the best parts of your experience with us, so please feel free to bring as many people as you would like. But don't worry! If your family or friends are living abroad, a gallery of your purchased images will be posted online for them to view following this appointment.


Can I bring my kids to the viewing appointment?

Of course, you can! Children are always welcome, but if you would like a chance to relax and concentrate on the beautiful images and products that we will be creating for you, then you might want to arrange for childcare.

Please note that the times for the viewing appointment are much more flexible than for a photo session. 


What if I only need a few smaller prints or a few digital files?

We will explain in our preconsultation the different products we offer, sometimes our clients have no idea what's possible to do with their images. Wouldn't it be great to come home every day and see a photo of your loved ones 

over the sofa in the living room.

We understand that everybody need is different. Some Clients invest more others only need a photo for their holiday card. Every photo you purchase as a print comes with the digital file.


Where are you located and how do I get there?

The studio is located on Roosevelt Island, the island between Manhattan and Queens. The island and surrounding neighborhoods offer several really unique locations for all kind of sessions. You can reach the island via the MTA Subway (F), the famous aerial tram, your car or the NYC ferry.

What is a lifestyle photo session?

Our definition of a lifestyle session is to capture you with your real expression, not stuffy portraits or forced poses, but images that will live as a legacy to remember you at that point in time, whether it is a newborn or maternity photo session, or just a session with those that matter most to you. Irina's intention is to capture your natural expressions and movements in the best possible way and to let the life unfold. Very often the best photos emanate at the moment when you nearly forgot that we are there. We actually love when you and your family bring an activity they like to do together.


How would you describe your style?

We love to preserve vivid, vibrant and colorful images of life – catching the character of the person, making it joyful moments to look at on your wall! Don't come to us for gravity-laden formal headshots or funeral advertisements.


Do you use flashlights?

Our goal is to put you in the best possible light, that means sometimes the natural light is not enough and we light you up a bit more, with a reflector, led light or even fash. If you or family members are visually impaired or uncomfortable with flashes, please discuss this during your booking session – there are several possible solutions.


I am not photogenic at all!

We don't believe this is possible! Come and try out!


What should we wear?

Irina loves to brainstorm with you about outfits and styles. She also maintains a board on Pinterest with hundreds of ideas. For us, the most important theme when planning an ensemble is to keep movement and color in mind. 
For example, women might like to shine out best in feminine free-flowing styles, layers, and distinct accessories. Please also bring statement pieces and subtle pops or other lovely elements like cuddly toys. 
Please try to avoid white – we need the brightest element in the image to be your face.


What happens if our outdoor session gets rained out?

No worries – we will try to find another schedule or location.


What if my kids don't cooperate?

Oh, that is kind of normal –, especially with the smaller beauties. Irina will make fun the first priority and try to catch these funny moments.  We also have some tricks in our sleeves. Please let us get in touch with the kid's activity schedules. If nothing works out, we are open to planning a split session.


Can I keep the images of my session private?

Sure – but we are always excited if we are allowed to use the photos for presentation in the showroom, on this website or on social media. If you are not comfortable with that, your photography contract will be modified accordingly.


OK! We are ready to book! What's next?

Wonderful! Please contact us at with some basic information about your family. 
We will get in contact with you shortly and are happy to hear from you!


We like our clients to be as much informed as possible, so thanks for taking the time to read all the information.

If you still have questions feel free to ask us.
We will always take time for you
and are looking  forward  hearing from you.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?
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