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What to expect

  • A pre - session consultation

  • 20 min of photography in the studio or on location

  • coverage only for children from one family, and older than 9 months

  • $ 25 per additional person

  • no outfit changes

  • approx 6 profesionaly enhanced images* presented at your custom in person order session.

  • an online gallery of all purchased images

  • choose from our extraordinary products like wall art, albums and more



We offer mini session year around.This is the easiest way if you only need a few photos

Pet Photography

Time on the playground

This offer includes no images, they have to be purchased seperat!

Clients that book these sessions, spend another $700-$4000 for Wall Art or other of our high-end products.

*Out of all pictures takes during a session we select only the best ones and edit them for you. Here is where our experience and expertise really comes into play.


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What happens during a MINI SESSION?

MINI SESSION are always special themed like MOMMY & Me, A FUN TEA PARTY, or are for special Holidays, like Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Halloween. In Fall we plan to offer some Pumpkin Fun, and of course with the first snow Winter fun.

We are full of ideas. This is although the perfect session for the FIRST BIRTHDAY - CAKE SMASHING SESSION.

We plan this session long in advance, often with some special probs and backdrops.

But first of all we want the children to have some fun, and loose the shyness of the camera. We always give them some activities. The other day we had a hulahop in the studio, and right now we are planing to do something with watermelons. We are always open for some new ideas. We are still in the planing, because our studio space is not very big, but we would like to do a Pillow fight session. May be we can book an hotel room for this, we just heard the other day, a few of the good hotel in the city are offering now, that you can book there rooms for a few hours for meeting. Of course we would bring  our own pillows, because we love the mess when all the feathers are flying and the kids will have so much fun. But that are plans for the future. Right now we offer a very special Summer Studio Mini session.

So please contact us and we plan your special session with you.