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What to expect

This offer includes no images,

they have to be purchased separately.

Clients that book these sessions, spend another $700-$4000 for Wall Art or other of our high-end products.

*Out of all pictures takes during a session we select only the best ones and edit them for you. Here is where our experience and expertise really comes into play.


What happens during a lifestyle inspired session?


If you choose this kind of session Irina will plan with you the session ahead. 

We will send out a questionary to learn more about your family, nothing fancy and private, but special and funny stuff.

For example, what are the activities you kids love to do with dad, or do there have a special toy?

With all this information we plan you shoot!

We decide together where to meet and what time works best for your kid's activities.

We will not choose a time of the day when normally is nap time of your little one.

3 activities are great, if its ball playing, making music or baking cookies, a lot is possible.

Because the session is planned ahead it’s more relaxing for the whole family, we all know dad is most time not very much in it do get photographed, but if he can only go out and have some fun time with the kids that helps him to relax, often Irina is lucky and the dads forgot for a moment that she is there with her camera, that's when she gets her best photos.

Of course, Irina will do some portraits during this kind of sessions too, but the most purpose is on capture your family, the relationships, and interaction and the stuff that is happening during this special time of development of your kids.

If the siblings are fighting the whole time is worth to capture or if your daughter is very shy or if they just have lost a tooth, all this little things that changes so fast, are worth to capture, because kids don’t stay kids for long, and isn’t it nicest only have the memories these moments, to have photos that will help you visualize this moment. And imagine you have this moment big on your living room wall, no digital advice needed, you can enjoy it every day.


Irina will although discuss with you what cloth works best, you should still be yourself and not wearing a costume.

But clothing is so important, to show your family is a unit, and on the other hand, the cloth can distract from the impression of your kid's face, so it’s worth to spend some time to think about it.

We have clients, they go shopping only for the photo session.


You should always have in mind what the purpose of this photo shooting is?

Do you want a big print or canvas in your living room, then the colors and style of your cloth and the place were your portraits will be taken should match the style of your home.

You see there is so much stuff to think about, but therefore you have Irina’s help.

She will not let you alone!

This is her strength, to help you make all these decisions.

And this is the difference if you work with Irina and not with a girl with a nice camera you found on craigslist, she may have a good camera and loves to take photos, but there is so much more to know, to create a photo that you will still love for many years and your kids will show their kids one day.

  • A pre-session consultation

  • Up to 3 hours of photography on location 

  • coverage of one family, $ 25 per additional person

  • approx 50 professionally enhanced images* presented at your custom in-person order session.

  • an online gallery of all purchased images

  • choose from our extraordinary products like wall art, albums and more


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